Throwback versus Buyback…

I was sorting a blaster of 2011 Topps and couldn’t help but notice the number of throwbacks.
They are everywhere. I don’t have a problem with them, but wonder why there are so many. Topps sure loves a throwback. And not even just throwbacks of their own stuff.
The little Gintery looking things are nice. The throwback reprints of older topps are also pretty nice, but we are hitting overkill territory.

I have a suggestion. Lets set aside the throwback and mix it up with a little buyback action.

Back in the mid ’00s Topps had a ton of buyback autos. I was a fan. This is a favorite of mine.
Darryl has a nice signature.

I always liked his ’87 All Star, all the ’87 All stars for that metter. I always thought he looked like he has braces in this picture. I was shopping for one of these on ebay back in ’06 and when I saw the numbering on this one I had to have it because I am immature. I actually payed a little more because it was number 69.

I think buybacks appeal to collectors in my demo because it’s a way to make some of the classic cards of our youth into big time hits. We get a little run down at how our late ’80s treasures are barely worth the paper they are printed on, this helps make them special again.



4 responses to “Throwback versus Buyback…

  1. Agreed.

    But as much as I dig the buybacks, unless there’s a stamp or something on them they’re REALLY easy to fake, which can kill the secondary market value. See, for example, Bowman originals. Just judging from the guys I collect, some of those don’t go for near what they used to, I’m assuming because of the fakes issue.

  2. I didn’t collect from 2002 to 2011. Could you explain what a “buyback” is?


    • Sure. Companies buy back older cards and then have the player sign the card and either stamp them or do something to indicate they are authentic.

      It’s a way to get authentic signatures on older cards.

  3. I’m with CCC. I love the idea, but the execution has often been lacking, resulting in lots of fakes. You can’t just put a buyback in a case and put a “certified” sticker on that case…that’s just begging for fakers to scam buyers. What I’d like to see is more stamping. I personally LOVE IT when companies stamp an official signature thing on their card. I know Bowman often does it and Leaf used to do it a lot too. Those stamps seem hard to replicate and they’re on the card, so you’re really 100% sure that the signature is legit. It would not be hard for card companies to do this more often, so I wonder why they don’t. Do they think we hate the stamp?

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