He’s not short he’s my Ginter…

I am not a big fan of mini cards. I don’t understand the fascination with them. They are a pain in the butt. They leave all kinds of wasted space in a storage box, they look funny in a top loader and they tend to slide out of binder pages. I am getting annoyed just writing about them.

All that said there are a few mini’s I do like, I have mentioned a few on here before. I like the weird mini’s, the non-baseball oddities. But there is one baseball mini I have I do like a great deal.
There has always been something pure about Gehrig and the simple white background really works. he is a classic guy in a classic uniform on a pretty classic looking card. The card is also a short print so that’s cool. This is one of the few Ginter cards I think I prefer as a mini; it wouldn’t work as well full size.

Next to Gehrig in the binder is this guy, or gal maybe I am not sure.
I should have pulled this out for shark week, damn, maybe next year.



One response to “He’s not short he’s my Ginter…

  1. Have to tried the 15-pocket pages from Ultra-Pro for storing them? I have all mine in these pages because you are correct, storing them in boxes is a pain. The pockets are deep enough that you don’t have to worry about them falling out. The only problem is they fit the standard size minis (Ginter, Goodwin) but not some of the “bigger minis”, like Topps Mayo.

    The Ginter Sharks may be my favorite minis of all time!

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