I miss Topps Baskett Ball…

I am not going to get into a discussion about licenses and exclusive rights, there is plenty of that out there already. I simply miss Topps basket ball.

The last year of Topps was some of their best, it also helped it had a really strong rookie class with one of the super stars of the league in D Rose.
The design was nice but the presentation in makeup of the set was just killer. In baseball Topps has been using retired players for years; Mantle has more cards in Topps sets since he died than he ever did as a player. In b-ball Topps also liked to sneak in retired guys, and I think it worked even better than baseball.

The retired guys in basket ball seem to have much more of a connection with the current players than almost any other sport. The older guys are still very much part of the game and seem to have real relationships with the younger guys. Having them intermixed in a set makes sense. It also just looked good.
Pretty cool looking card. There should never be a Dominique card that doesn’t show him dunking. One card form the set is a little weird though.
There is a little too much armpit for my taste.

Topps help meet my need for solid non-auto/relic rookies. Panini has some nice stuff but doesn’t have that one set you can look to for the definitive rookie.
The last year had players in their practice gear. I think it had something to do with when the license expired so they couldn’t wait for regular season shots. Even so they are still cool cards. I really liked their rookie logo.

One thing that Topps did really well n their final few years was use throwback designs.
In ’07-08 they used the old design with cool staged shots form the rookie photo shoot to great success. They really felt like old school cards. The cards weren’t overdone so it was cool when you pulled one. In ’08-09 they used photos from the draft.
Also cool.

I really like the solid color background on these. Tops took a page form the Panini book and made color center stage. Using photos that made the colors pop.
I think that is damn near a perfect card.

I really miss this set. They were truly fun breaks with a good mix of rookies, vets and retired guys. The cool looking throw back inserts were fun. It reminded me a lot of opening cards when I was a kid.



3 responses to “I miss Topps Baskett Ball…

  1. I agree, but there was one more year of Topps Basketball after this one and it was even better. It combined Topps base with Chrome and the jumbos were awesome. I pulled a Blake Griffin McDonald’s autographed card out of my box and got a Derrick Rose gold refractor as a replacement and those cards paid for the box a couple of times over. Griffin mania has pushed the price of these boxes sky high.

    • Oh yeah, I don’t know how I forgot that. The chrome rookies in that stuff and crazy expensive.

      Those are the weird rookies where they have airbushed unis so it looks like they are just wearing solid color jerseys.

      Do you still have the Blake Griffin auto?

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