Fire up the pep band, it’s college football time…

College football is huge. An earth shattering statement right? College sports have dabbled with cardboard over the years with limited success.
It just doesn’t work; it must have something to do with the constant change over of players.

Upper Deck is gonna give it another go.

They have the NCAA license and have been producing college themed football cards for about a year, with some success. Now they have stepped it up and done something I think is a pretty good move. They have produced two sets focused on specific teams.
I am not a football fan so the Longhorns and Sooners mean about as much to me as the Dukes or Patriots (Va references for my Commonwealth peeps). Apparently they are big programs that lots of people care about. I am not having a go or anything, I honestly don’t know college football.

College team loyalty is even more rabid than the pros. Drive through Blacksburg in a UVa owned vehicle sometime to see what I mean. Targeting cards specifically at the various schools is the way to go. It would be hard to get a Gators fan to buy a product with Canes or Seminoles cards. If UD can get this going and delivers a good product they may have a new niche on their hands.

The product will be released in packs versus factory sets, good move. With the hit focused state of collecting people want wax. I wonder if a high-end school themed set is in our future. A limited run of say a couple hundred Exquisite style packs/boxes of specific schools, I could see that being big.

I may not be the biggest college football fan but one preview image did catch my eye.


One response to “Fire up the pep band, it’s college football time…

  1. I’ll go broke if they make a VT set. I think there are probably 20-30 other more likely schools, since our major football history is relatively recent, but I can hope.

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