Yo rookie is so ugly…

There have been some ugly cards over the years, but one set comes to mind when I think about rookie cards, or more specifically auto rookie cards.
I don’t like this set at all. The scan actually makes it look a little nicer. In person it is hard to even figure out who it is. The acetate card is far too shiny and the clear player is just weird.

I should clarify for hose unfamiliar with the set that isn’t a black and white picture of Kelly, the white part of the picture is actually clear, yeah clear. Look at the action photo; you can see the writing from the back in his jersey.

I have a ton of these and the page of them in my ’06 binder is painful to look at. It is kind of cool that i can see through the cards to what’s coming next. Lemonade from lemons.

The first time I saw one I thought they were kinda cool. That didn’t last. Once I got over the novelty of the clearness I was left with an ugly card. It also doesn’t help that out of the boxes of this stuff I opened I didn’t pull a single rookie auto worth a darn.


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