Upper Deck Champions, auto greatness…

Upper Deck dropped some preview images of the upcoming Parkhurst Champions. it shows some of the stuff that will be used in the Fossil redemption cards. I am not a big fan of these relic/artifact cards are of little interest to me; it’s like the silly bug cards.

What did catch my eye where some of the autos included in the set. They are pretty badass, really badass actually.

First up are what appear to be standard auto variations on the base set. All seem to be on-card.
Look how tough Gordie was, back when the leagues top player didn’t need silly things like teeth. These are solid autos, they remind me a little of the Legends HOF autos from ’97.

Next we have something a little different.
I recognize the design, but don’t know the specific set. They have a great retro feel and look awesome. The autos push them over the top.
The only thing that would make this card cooler was if both guys had signed it.
What a great shot, it perfectly captures the game. Awesome.
I remember watching this game on TV; I don’t remember a more contested end to a championship game ever. You make the call, is Hull’s foot in the crease?

UD doesn’t mention print runs but I would imagine these will be very rare and i am sure carry a hefty price tag on the secondary market.

They also had some scans of hand painted cards, limited to ten each.
From what I gather these are actual hand painted images, so each card is a little different.

UD once again proves when they get it right they really get it right.



5 responses to “Upper Deck Champions, auto greatness…

  1. You are correct, the Masterpieces cards are hand painted by an artist named Jared Kelley, he is the same artist that painted the US Presidential Masterpieces (well, half of them) from the 2011 Goodwins Champions release and he just signed with ITG to work on the 2012 Sport Kings Series E release.

    I really miss UD products, I think the loss of licenses may have put them back on the right route with card designs and hopefully they can get back in to the game.

  2. I don’t do hockey, but I would love one of those Brett Hull autos.

  3. The b/w autos aren’t from another set that you recognize the design from, but are the actual wire photos and captions used by the AP and other news agencies.

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