Bring these back part 4…

I just went on about how I am sick of throwbacks but there is a variation on the theme I like, putting retired players on the current design. Topps has been doing that with the SPs in the base set for a few years, but they did it best back in ’04 with these.
Topps Retired was a premium product that was 5 cards per packs including one auto all for about $30. Roy here came from a pack I bought at Target.

These cards look great. It is such a solid auto set. Retired guys on modern designs look cool, the chrome gives it some class and the black border makes it something different. Oh yeah the on-card auto is a good touch too.

I went out and picked up Bruno here for like $5 on ebay.
This may be a perfectly executed auto set.

I could do without the sealed holders but would love Topps to bring these back. Maybe not as a stand-alone set but perhaps as inserts in the base set.


One response to “Bring these back part 4…

  1. You are right this set worked

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