Strike a pose…

Topps 60 is an insert that is getting a little tired, but I still like them just fine. I like the mix of old and new players and was happy to pull this old timer.
Rogers was a monster. He had a .359 lifetime average, .359! That is second only to a guy named Ty Cobb. He also won the triple crown, TWICE!.

I like the picture on the card of Rogers with the Cubs just chillin’ in the dug out grabbing his package. but there is something about the picture that seem familier, like I have seen it before…
…and somewhere else…
…and again…
…and the last one…
Topps sure got their moneys worth on that picture.



3 responses to “Strike a pose…

  1. Everybody knows there’s only one “strike a pose” and it’s this: Also, yes, Topps is dumb, which is why I have a tag called “Topps is dumb.”

  2. According to Wrigley Wax, Topps has used this photo on fifteen different cards. Seriously.

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