Ahead of its time…

Calling something ahead of its time is cliché, but it truly applies here.

If you line up all the football sets from the ’80s one set is gonna stand out.
The vertical format, the black borders, the sideways name with the large last name, and some interesting and cool photo selections make this something very different.
It was such a forward thinking design that UD pretty much recreated it 9 years later.

The set had some nice close up shots that went great with the sideways look.
Topps found photos that fit the window.
Lipps was one of the few big rookies from the set. But one guy was bigger.
Moon’s RC is the only really big card from the set. The lack of huge rookies and it’s out there design hurt the sets popularity. It is probably the most forgotten set of the ’80s, which is unfortunate.



4 responses to “Ahead of its time…


    And yeah, you’re definitely correct about the similarity of the designs. All that’s missing on the A-Rod is the black border, but that would look terrible–I think the full-bleed looks a lot better.

  2. I love this set, probably my favorite Topps football set over the last 30 years. I have the complete set too, but I’m not sure where it is?

  3. I just picked up that Moon RC from COMC for like $3. Terrific set, awesome card…good stuff!

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