Best of the best, the theory of ‘5’…

The ‘5s seem to rule the rookie card world. Look back several decades to see what I mean.

1975, no fewer than three HOFers have rookie cards, Gary Carter, George Brett and Robin Yount. Also the rookie card of legit super star Keith Hernandez.

1985, one HOFer in Kirby but two others guys that are legit HOF contenders in McGwire and Rodger Clemmens. You also get Dwight Gooden, Oral Hershieser, Eric Davis and Brett Saberhagen.

1995, Andrew Jones and Vlad are stars and may have shots at the HOF. This year is honestly a little weak.

2005, the biggest rookie year in a long time. Ryan Braun, Jacoby Ellsbery, Jared Weaver, Ryan Zimmerman, Justin Verlander, Ian Kinsler, Carlos Gonzolez, Troy Tulowitzky and a mess of guys that may yet be stars.

In the case of ’75, ’85 and ’05 I would say these three sets represent the most rookies star heavy of their given decades. I smell conspiracy.

If I was you I would start pre-ordering 2015 sets, just saying.



2 responses to “Best of the best, the theory of ‘5’…

  1. In 95, you also have Scott Rolen who has a better shot at the hall than Jones IMO. You also have Chris Carpenter.

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