Hits of yore part 11…

This is a slight departure from previous hits of yore, these are cards form a regular set, but nonetheless they were sought after. They got you excited when you pulled one, and are form days of yore.
Number one draft picks have always been a big deal. In basketball more than any other sport the number one pick is king. IN ’91 there was a prefect storm making LJ a monster. He was coming off of the most exciting team in many years, the Running Rebs, UD has just entered the hoops market, a huge deal, and we got our first true draft pick cards. I can remember this card selling for upwards of $10.

Larry’s time at the top was short lived, as soon as the seasons began another guy took over.
What a cool looking card. Some don’t like draft day photos but I think they can be great. The skyscrapers in the background with 7 foot plus Dikembe up front are a cool image. This card was a monster for a few months in ’91, one of the top cards in the entire hobby.

The first UD set was also a big deal but these two cards leading the charge made basket ball the biggest of the sports since the original baseball release.

I still get a little excited when I see these cards.



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