Homerun master…

With all the throwbacks and relics out there I am a little bummed one guy doesn’t get more cardboard love.
As a collector of catchers Josh Gibson is a favorite old schooler of mine. If even half the legends about him are true he may have been the greatest ball player of all time. Many know about his 800 homeruns, but he also had a lifetime average around .360. Crazy numbers.

In ’06 and ’07 he had a handful of cards including the weird homerun count thing in the Topps set.

I hope he gets one of the Topps SPs soon. Nothing against the Babe and Mantle but I think we’ve had enough of those two for a while. I also wish Gibson has some more relic cards. I would drop pretty big bank for a Gibson bat card, even more than I did on my Babe Ruth bat card.

There is debate about Ruth vs. Gibson but there is one thing Gibson did that Babe never had to, and that was face off against Satchel Paige.



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