Mauer RC collection…

I have decided to focus on the future, let go of the anger towards the twins and their abysmal season. It’s like Yoda says, and I am paraphrasing, “…anger leads to hate, hate leads to another last place finish…”

To get myself in a better mood what better way then to pull out my Joe Mauer rookie collections to share. Here it is in no particular order.
I never liked his Bowman rookie because he looks so uncharacteristically mad.
No auto then auto, it’s like magic
PhotobucketPhotobucket<img PhotobucketPhotobucket
The last two are my best and my favorite.
The Finest auto is by far the best of the bunch. The only card that can top it is his Bowman Chrome auto. I kick myself all the time because I could have picked one up a few years ago for about $50. Now it would closer to $200.
The UD Future Gems is my favorite. It was the first Mauer rookie I ever owned. In contrast to his Bowman he looks so happy in this photo.

Maybe some day I will post my Revere rookie collection, but that isn’t nearly as exciting or impressive…yet.



2 responses to “Mauer RC collection…

  1. I like! I’ve been on the hunt for his 2002 C Pristine Gold Refractor for some time now.

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