The distinguished gentleman from the NBA has the floor…

As a New Yorker my dad is a huge Knicks fan, something that has proved difficult in recent years. As a kid I grew up hearing stories about the Knicks of the early ’70’s, when they won their only championships in ’70 and ’73. Around 1990 he decided to put together the ’70s Knicks team set. I learned all about Dave DeBusschere, Walt Frazier, Cazzie Russel, the heroics of Willis Read and this guy.
I received this card for Christmas one year; it’s pretty cool having a card collector as a dad.

For some reason this set had the players with their jerseys on backwards, I guess so you can see their names, it looks uncomfortable.

Bill Bradley is a pretty cool character. He played college ball at Princeton, and was NCAA player of the year in ’65. He earned his degree and then went to Oxford as Rhodes scholar and earned a M.A.. He then went to play for the Knicks, oh yeah he won a Gold medal in ’64 too.

Easily one of the most educated players in any of the major sports and also a hell of a baller. He was a key member of both Knicks championships and was elected to the HOF.

After that he served as a Dem. Senator and made a run at the Dem. presidential nomination in 2000. There are bigger names from the NBA, but few more accomplished. I am glad to have his rookie card in my collection.



2 responses to “The distinguished gentleman from the NBA has the floor…

  1. Nice pickup! I think Topps had players wear their jerseys backward to avoid team logos, which they didn’t have the license to show. Wonder what the players thought about it all…

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