Bowman Heritage at it’s best…

2006 Heritage was the pinnacle of the seres. There is something about those cards that really worked.

It is one of the most old school designs of any retro set. The 1949 Bowman set is really cool and unique. The solid back grounds and weird colorized pictures have a great retro feel.
The original set was smaller than a standard card and almost square. The set included minis, I am not typically a fan of minis but these were cool.

The design was appealing, as well as the solid selection of prospects and rookies.
These cards fall into the category of so ugly they are cool.

The player selection was great, we had 1st year cards of:
Clayton Kershaw
Evan Longoria
Justin Upton
Chris Parmelee
Jose Tabata
Pablo Sandovol

There were also some cool rookies, my favorite being Adam Jones up there.

they also had a nice auto set of the prospects.
All on-card, very nice.

If Topps continues to do throwbacks in the base set I hope they decide to add this old Bowman sign into the mix.



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