The savior?

I was starting to write a post about how I was all wrong about Tebow and that he was done. I even started a post about how I was jumping bandwagons from Tebow to this guy.

I switched my attention to the Vikings game then take a peak to see how bad the Broncos got beat and saw that they won.
Granted it was an ugly win and had more to do with an onside kick recovery it was a win none the less. The Broncos have two wins this season, both were games that had Tebow under center.

Fire up the Tebow bandwagon I am back on baby!


One response to “The savior?

  1. Ya know I don’t know what’s funnier: The look on Kyle Orton’s face during the whole game or the NO Saints game where Peyton Manning was standing on the sidelines making some awful facial expressions at getting beat 62-7.

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