Granted the Vikings lost but they hung in there against the best team in the league. This dude also had a decent showing.
At times he was definitely a rookie (throwing two picks and connecting on less than half his passes) at others he looked solid (219 yards in the air, two TDs and ran for 31). Maybe the Vikes have the QB they have been looking for since Dante left (lets forget the Favre episode).

Number 69 was in top form with 2 more sacks. He may have a go at the single season record.

I hate to admit this as Vikes fan, but man Aaron Rodgers is good.

Elsewhere in the NFL Cam Newton continued his epic rookie reason adding another 256 passing yards and a TD. He also ran for 59 yards with a TD.
What’s up with is thumb in that picture?



One response to “Better…

  1. Nope. Sorry. I refuse to admit anything good about Rodgers or the Packers in general. Though that Newton kid is pretty amazing.
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