The gun show…

UD dropped a few more images of the up-coming Young Guns. I love this set.
The Oilers have great uniforms, so classic looking. The Canucks aren’t bad either.
Couterier sure has a face for hockey. Mark looks like a guy I was on RA staff with back in the old college days

Nugent is the top-dog and a huge get for series one. It could be around $100 when it first hits. These are some pretty sweet action shots. Look at Nugent, it looks like he stepped on the guy in the background on his way to scoring a goal.

One card lacks the background.
I wonder why they cut out the background, maybe some one was flipping the bird or a fan was flashing or something.

I can’t wait to see these in person.



One response to “The gun show…

  1. I don’t collect Hockey, but these are sweet looking. Sigh, I miss UD Baseball.

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