Update bonus box…

I picked up a bonus box of Topps Update hoping to capture a little of the Mojo retail mojo.

Same old game as years past, traded players, rookies, All Stars and highlights. I have always been a fan of trades and updates so I was excited to check these out.

Similar to last year we get rookie cards and debut cards.
I wish they just combined these into one card or did a separate insert set of debuts. Maybe even a stand alone set. How cool do the light blue royals jersey look, they should go with them full time. Hosmer is one of the top dogs in this class, and this guy is another one.
Goldy had a nice division series, even though his team came up short. He also has a great baseball name. Another top rookie is this little speedster.
Pretty sweet photo.

The highlight of the highlight cards is easily this dude.
Cano is a beast but he is prone to some silly looking pictures.

The Topps 60 return.
Man what a sweet picture, I loved those old unis.

The set is filthy with these things.
I like the ghosted image of Mauer on the Nathan card. Greg hit me up if you want to trade for the Kemp. These are the courvoisier version. They also have these.
I am not sure what these are called, blue curacao maybe?

The bonus in the bonus box are two red border parallels.
Kinda weak, but whatever

I didn’t hit Mojo level mojo but did OK.
A Darryl Strawberry SP, pretty sweet. I am kinda surprised the Straw-man rated an SP inclusion. I was a huge fan of his back in the day and this is a great picture. I loved the old grey pullover road unis. This is the perfect Strawberry image.

I also like this card. Cuddy finally getting his due.


3 responses to “Update bonus box…

  1. I’m pretty sure the Cedeno is the Hope Diamond variation, serial #’d /60. And yeah, the Kemp interests me! If you wouldn’t mind, can you set it aside for me so I can check your Want Lists and we can get a bigger trade together?

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