Any one remember these…

Digging through some old crap I came across this little guy.
It’s an envelope featuring cards form the 4 sets Donruss released in ’92. They weren’t promo cards, just a sampling from the actual set. No one of note in my little envelope.
Still pretty cool.

I don’t remember where I got it. I want to say it came in a ’91 factory set but I am not sure. Anyone else have one? I wonder if every envelope had the same 4 cards?


5 responses to “Any one remember these…

  1. With the post tile of “Any one remember these…” I thought you were referring to Mojo and Beardy.

    But, no, I don’t remember that offering. I remember the sets and packs they came out of, but not that packaging.

  2. I miss Mojo and Beardy. I like your stuff, but I miss them. Mainly because they haven’t posted here in quite some time.

  3. That one slipped by me. Thanks.

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