Topps Prime 9…

After busting a case of Topps 2 my dad and I had a stack of Prime 9 redemptions and headed off to the local card shop. The lady at the shop took our 12 redemptions and looked at them and just said, “You just want 2 whole sets?” We said, sure.

The set is pretty cool, rookies are fine but a shiny set of stars and legends is a nice change of pace.
You don’t see enough Bench cards in the throwback world. Pujols is in his 2nd WS and is always a nice get.
A couple of legendary legends. I like the choice of a picture of an older Hank, those ’70s Braves jerseys were classic.
A HOFer and future HOFer (I didn’t know what else to say about these two).
One guess as to what number the Mantle is…yup, number 7. We get it Topps.
I was excited last year when Topps announced they were including Sandy in more products including autos. I am now officially sick of seeing him all over every product this past year. He was a monster on the mound though.

I am a fan of this set, they have a good look and I love an insert set numbered to 9. It fits so perfectly in a binder page. I can’t figure out the color scheme though, why are some blue and others red?


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