and the winner is…

The votes are in and the top ‘fractor is…


With 36% of the vote blue is king. That was my choice.

Coming in 2nd was the classic refractor with 19%.
Gold came in 3rd with 13%
Xfractor, Red and Other were in a 3 way tie for 4th with 9% each.
Surprisingly the Superfractor came in dead last with just 6%.

My second favorite ‘fractor is a combination of two of the 3rd place finishers, xfractor and other.

List who you voted for in the comments and why you like it best. I will pick a winner at random and send them something, probably color refractor related.



6 responses to “and the winner is…

  1. I voted for blue. Blue is my favorite color, so that’s easy enough.

  2. I voted for blue, though I suppose I could have voted for any of the colors. They’re just as nice and vibrant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a superfractor in person.

  3. Play at the Plate

    I voted for blue. They look great on Rangers’ cards.

  4. I voted for blue, and I think it has alot to with the blue ink used to sign the signatures. The Ryan Braun Blue Ref RC auto from Bowman Chrome is the epitome of perfection – Superstar card, clean auto, and the uniform matches the color. Same reason why Cincinnati Reds Red Refractor auto’s are insane looking

  5. I voted for the Superfractor, on the right card it looks amazing. Blue would be my second choice, they look good for any team who’s primary colors incorporate blue and that’s a ton of teams.

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