Like Vader to Obi-Wan…

About a year ago Mojo asked me to help out with the blog when Beardy was off getting married. The three of us had a blast and a nice run with the ol’ blog. Mojo recently took leave and Beardy is on a break.

Those two guys started this blog and I am but a contributor and current steward of the Mojo Beard. They designed the blog as a free flow of opinions and thoughts on collecting. Of late it has been one opinion. We need more opinions.

It’s my turn to open the door. A wise man once said, “…I was but the learner, now I am the master” or in this case the blog administrator. Similar to when I joined the site I am now looking for a reader or two to offer up some posts.

Matt, fellow Virginian and all around good dude has agreed to contribute but one more would be nice.

If you are interested drop a comment. I am looking for collectors with a mainly positive view. Someone that isn’t currently blogging is preferable. Let me know what you have in mind as far as posts and why you want to join the crew.

I can tell you writing for a blog is a #$%& load of fun.



5 responses to “Like Vader to Obi-Wan…

  1. I’ll be back at some point. I’m sorry for stepping away, but needed to take some time and focus on myself for a little while. My not so new anymore job leaves zero time during the day for blogging, which is in stark contrast to my old job. I am also in the process of quitting smoking and hitting the gym. It’s disgusting that I’ve spent half of my 30 years smoking cigs. I’ve never even given myself a chance to be a healthy adult, and it’s time to change all of that.

    Oh, I’ve also picked up a bunch of sweet ass cards along the way that I will someday show off.

    Also, to anyone waiting on a trade from me, I am sorry for the delay. Please email me, and I will get cards out to you soon. There are a few of you who are already on my list (Derek, Peterson, Adam), and I am hoping to get your cards out by the end of the weekend.

    Lastly, Kevin, you have been doing a killer job! I think you now have more total posts than Mojo, and are probably nipping at my heels by now as well. This blog is just as much yours as it is mine.

  2. I could do it but I’m not a normal collector, I’m under the legal age to drive and I don’t have a scanner. Would that be a problem?

  3. My name is George and I write Cards of Future Fenway Stars and contribute to Auto-Matic for the People. Since both of those are so content-limiting, I have been looking to write for a more open-ended blog and have been a big fan of Mojo and Beardy’s Blog since they started it. I would be very excited to contribute in any way that I can, if you’d be interested in having me.

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