Bonus from a different perspective…

My post about the Update bonus box offering got me thinking. It has been a little vogue to crap all over manu-patches but they aren’t all that bad.

To appreciate them you need to step away from looking at cards through dollar green glasses and think about cards as something to collect. Just toss it in a binder and flip through and enjoy. You know like card collecting in simpler times. I got this guy from a blaster.
Look at this from a purely card enjoyment standpoint.
-You get a Hall of Famer in a badass ’80s White Sox jersey.
-A cool old school logo manu-patch.
-A nice enough card design, with a fake patina look to go with the throwback theme.

Also remember it’s a bonus card that comes as an extra in a blaster box. It isn’t some high-end hit from some $30 a pack set.

I take all these various manu-patch cards I acquire of a given card season and put them in that years binder with the other inserts. It makes for a nice little stop as you flip through the pages.

I mean come on, how sweet does this card look.



7 responses to “Bonus from a different perspective…

  1. I always thought the manupatches done by Topps were pretty cool. My only issue is the price – the blisters cost $10 more than the hanging boxes when all you’re getting extra is the patch really. And they don’t go for that on the secondary market. I won’t buy them via blasters but I will pick them up at shows if I’m in the mood.

  2. Someone should start a blog that appreciates the glory of manupatches.

  3. Honestly, I liked them… until this year. For some wacky reason, Topps decided to put New York Giants patches on all of the New York Mets cards. That was a deal breaker.

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