Why isn’t this more valuable?

When you talk about basketball a few names come to mind right away, Jordan, Kareem, Dr. J, Chamberlin, West, Magic and most definitely Bird. Larry Legend is easily in the top 5, and many would consider him second only to Jordan. He won three MVPs, three titles, was ROY, a 12 time All Star, nine time all NBA 1st team, all that in just 13 seasons.

If Jordan is Babe Ruth Bird is Gehrig.

When you look at card value it’s a little weird though. His rookie card only sells for like 30 bucks.
Thats less than fellow early ’80s rookie of Cal Ripken. Cal was a great player but he was no Larry Bird. The value of his rookie is almost criminally low.
A few things factor into this.
-He has the epic joint rookie for the same set with Magic that steals the thunder from this card.
-The weird tear apart set has never been overly popular and the different configurations hurts card values.

Even so one of the all time greats should carry a little more weight dollar wise, right?

I love this card; it is right up there with my Jordan rookie. It’s quirky and cool in a retro sense. It’s a great picture of Bird looking kinda confused and has three-time champ Bill Cartwright. These cards are prone to bending along the perforation and bad corners. My copy is pretty crisp. Those are some sharp corners for this set.



3 responses to “Why isn’t this more valuable?

  1. Because it’s just like todays cards with autographs, if you got one good player and two players that did not make a big splash it’s just a good player on a bad combo card.

    • The difference is with a modern multi player auto you have the alternative of a solo auto. This is his only rookie, there are no other option but the multi player cards.

      Bill Denehy and Fritz Ackley didn’t hurt the value of Seaver of Lefty’s rookies.

  2. The perforated mini cards stunk for Topps 1980-81 – Topps ruined Larry Bird’s and Magic Johnson’s rookie cards

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