Sell gold buy Platinum…

Gold has cooled so it may be time to sell. No worries because you can then roll it straight into Platinum.

I love prospect cards more than any other type of card. Platinum has a nice selection of prospects so it has been on the old radar. A few weeks ago I was at the card shop with my dad and we each picked up a box. He got a Lineage and I got Platinum.

Two on card prospect autos and a relic auto aint too bad (actually the relic auto was pretty bad, but more on that later).

The cards seem to be a slight up grade quality wise form last year’s release. These are a little more chromy feeling.
Two of my favorite injured catchers. There are some nice rookies.
These cards look great scanned. Pineda sure looks goofy here.

The prospects have a slightly different look and are nice and shiny.
In the scan this looks like a refractor, but it’s just a regular card, they are mucho shine.

I got a mess of parallels.
I like xfractors.
The green looks awesome on these cards, especially on the Choice.

The prospect autos are really nice and all on-card. Too bad I got a couple of buster browns here.
Cutter Dykstra is a pretty badass name. I just hope he is a better player than his dad is a businessman.

My auto relic was weak to say the least.
Yikes. Crain was solid for the Twins but a reliever numbered over a 1000 aint much to get too excited about.

The star of this show is Bryce Harper, but I didn’t get one, not even a base. If anyone has one for trade let me know.



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