Another preview, not a 1/1 but still pretty sweet…

I received a box of Absolute from Panini in addition to the Crown Royale. I will drop the complete reviews this week but I have to post one card today.
As my son would say, Boo-yah!

There is something so satisfying about pulling the card you are looking for. Before I even Busted the first pack I though “how cool would it be to get a Ponder RPM”. I opened the second pack and there he was, the NFC version numbered to 99.

Ponder lead the Vikes to a victory today and put up some decent numbers. Fellow rookie QB Cam Newton may have thrown more TDs but Chris got the W.

The card itself is really sweet. I am a huge fan of this years design, it is a big departure from the last few years. I like the landscape orientation and the colors look great. It’s a much softer looking design than in years past. I think the simple “Vikings” does a good job of balancing out the space where the auto goes on the signature versions.

The card backs also look slick.
Big props for using a different photo.

This is hands down my favorite card of the year to date, from any company.


3 responses to “Another preview, not a 1/1 but still pretty sweet…

  1. I just can’t get past panini’s designs. I mean two pieces of single color non game used material and this is supposed to be a great hit. No offense I’d be happy too but this still isn’t good design work.

  2. I’m not a fan of event used cards, and would never buy one. but the card looks cool. Just imagine how many jersey’s he threw on during the rookie photo shoot. They have enough jersey’s of him now, they will never have to buy a “game used” jersey of his for his entire career. Same goes for all the rookies the last 6-8 years.

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