Fun while it lasted…

I admit it, I didn’t call it. Tebow got rocked today. Our man is in trouble.

His numbers weren’t all that different from the last few week, but instead of a come from behind 4th quarter push he had a meaningless fourth quarter drive in a game that was already over.

Nope, he aint the savior. I still hope he does OK, I do like the guy.

On a related note it looks like Matthew Stafford is feeling better.



6 responses to “Fun while it lasted…

  1. It’s too soon to tell anything, but I hope he improves. I’d like to see him be a reliable starter in the future.

  2. Until someone proves otherwise, Tebow getting Tebowed is the highlight of the season: I hope the defense does that every time he gets sacked this year!

  3. The 57 terrible minutes last week and 60 terrible minutes today should be enough proof that he does not have the tools to be a legit NFL QB. His throwing motion is too slow, his throws lack velocity, and he’s too inaccurate.

    He will still go down as one of the greatest college players ever, but he’s just not cut out to be a QB in the NFL.

    • did you ever watch Peyton Manning in his first 6 games? hell, his 1st year? I guess that was proof how shitty he is.

      • You mean the one he threw for 3,800 yards and had 26 TD’s and 28 INTs?

        Yes, I watched Peyton, and you could see he had all the tools to be a great QB and could accurately make every throw required. Tebow has showed none of that in his time in the NFL.

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