Cards I love…

Some cards you just love. It could be the player, the design, the memories… any number of reasons.

Two cards in my football collection make me smile every time I see them. Whenever I pull out the cards in top loaders and flip through them I will also stop at these two and give them a nice long look.

This may be one of my favorite cards.
I love everything about Robert smith. In my opinion he was a the true MVP of the epic ’98 season for them men in purple. If it wasn’t for the threat he passed on the ground that allowed moss and Carter to get free for all their monster Sports Center level grabs.

Robert Smith is also a really interesting guy. He was a quite contemplative guy, as much interested in his academic and intelectual endeavors as his performance on the field. He eventually left football to pursue a career in medicine. He also appeared on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a caveman. Awesome.

The card is also just plain cool looking. I have several Robert Smith RCs but this is the top dog, no contest. I loved the mid ’90s UD SP cards.

Oh yeah he is also an amateur astronomer, how cool is this guy?

The second card is another Viking great.
Brad’s injury in ’98 opened the door for Cunningham to come in and lead the team on their epic run. This card actually demanded a little coin when Brad led the Bucks to their Super bowl win.

I always liked the Wild Card sets. This set reminds me of the mid ’90s football and collecting, back before autos and relics took over.

Neither is worth all that much but hold special places of honor in my collection.


5 responses to “Cards I love…

  1. Weird, I have two Robert Smith cards that are two of my favorite cards (and I’m not even a vikings fan!). He is definitely a cool guy, I loved how smart he was/is, and he was so talented for the Vikings back in the day. And I loved that his name was the same as the lead singer for The Cure. But I’ve never seen that MST3K episode so I’ll have to check it out!

  2. I am still upset w/ Smith for running OOB on the play prior to the missed FG v ATL – who was that kicker? Gary Anderson?? – at any rate I thought that gave the Falcons some clock that was critical at that pt in the game. Other than that (and the Buckeye thing) I did love Smith back then.

  3. Anytime I see any Wild Card images on a blog I immediately go back to being 12 years old. I remember busting pack after pack of the basketball sets and trading in the stripes for more packs at the LCS. Most I ever pulled was a 100 stripe of Larry Johnson, which I ended up trading for a 1989 Upper Deck Griffey Jr., which I still have in my collection.

    Man, I miss those days!

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