That’s a lot of autos….

I was rolling around ebay and came across this card.
Man, that’s a ton of ink, and some pretty huge prospects too. Harper, Machado, Taillon to name a few. Here is the link to the ebay listing if anyone wants to buy it.

Pretty crazy card. It has to hold the record for most autos on a card. It’s not the best looking card but having the entire team sign is cool. Can you imagine how much it would cost Topps to do these for the MLB teams? The Yankees card would be like 2 grand in signing costs alone.



4 responses to “That’s a lot of autos….

  1. I saw another copy of this in someone’s photobucket once, different year though because it had Mike Leake. Crazy idea for a card imo, but definitely neat.

  2. “Neat” probably wouldn’t be the word I would use. Yes, it’s unique in that it has autographs of 10+ players, but it lacks in visual appeal. Even if the card had signatures of the top athletes in all major sports and I had enough disposable income to make the purchase, I’ll pass.

    • Why say 10+, it is straight up 20 autos. You can just say 20 and save “+”

      • Because it allows me to extend to all cards that have over 10 signatures, rather than just this card alone. Ultimate Collection had a nice way of incorporating 8 players (Did they do more than that?) and signatures onto a single card; the presentation was nice; the player selection was solid.

        I enjoy cards that emphasize the uniqueness of the athlete – his appearance, style of play, milestones, emotions, and penmanship. When a collector obtains a card like the one featured in this post, do they truly appreciate each individual signature or the collective batch of ink-y “goodness?”

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