Absolutely Fabulous…

I teased my box of Absolute Memorabilia a few days ago, well here is the full review.

In person they have a more silvery shine. The scan gives it more of a rainbow look than it does in person. I have always been a fan of the foil board used in this set. The design is a little on the plain side, but the shine helps round out the look.

The card backs look cool.
Standard Panini card back, it gets the job done.

There are a ton of rookies, at least one base per pack.

I got two spectrum parallels numbered to 50.
Dallas is a badass and a low numbered rookie is always cool.

Hit time.

I got two rookie autos.
Pretty cool couple of rookies, both numbered to 299. When did 299 become the default number for rookie autos?
Castonzo is a first rounder with potential. His card will never be worth much seeing as he is an o-lineman, but still cool.
Moore had a really nice week two, putting up almost 150 receiving yards. he hasn’t done a ton since then but he has some real potential.

My favorite hit was this guy.
I have been a fan of the RPM for years. For a guy on a budget it’s a nice way to pick up a solid mid-range rookie of your favorite stars. This years design is a big step forward. i really like this design. It’s up there with the 2009 R&S Freshman Orientation. The auto versions are even cooler, featuring on-card autos.

Ponder was my favorite but this was the best hit.
Future HOFer Tony Gonzalez prime relic numbered to 25. It is a piece of his name, best I can tell it’s from the “N”. Here is a closer look.
I think it is right at the “armpit” of the “N”.

A pretty sweet card. Panini has been doing a lot more prime cards with letter pieces lately,
I am a fan.

A solid release of a time tested brand.


3 responses to “Absolutely Fabulous…

  1. That’s definitely a sweet patch.

    Oh yeah, and TYROD!!!

  2. I would trade for the Castonzo and Clark. Let me know!

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