Greatest theme set ever…

Bold statement but I stand behind it.

Back in the early ’90s hockey was a hotbed of card innovation. One of my favorite sets came from that era, Team Pinnacle.

They also gave us these.
Simplicity at its Finest. There is no cooler piece of sports equipment than the goalie mask. Taking each players mask and placing it on the black background makes for a striking design, allowing the paint job to pop.

Here are a few more.

This wasn’t a completely unique idea at the time. Pro-set released this card a year earlier.
Pro-set may have done it first, but Pinnacle was the first to really commit to the concept.

The card backs push the concept even further.
The mask alone on front teamed up with an action shot and a face picture of the man beneath the mask. Like the front its beauty is in its simplicity.

Fun fact. My mother, the art teacher, used these cards when teaching about masks and mask making.

If anyone can think of a better set theme I would love to hear it. I think this is as good as it gets.



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