Rough around the edges…

I love the 1982-83 OPC design, one of my favorites of the ’80s.
It’s a nice simple design, good use of color and I really like the little logo in the circle down there. The set is a little strange in that it was one of the years Topps didn’t make hockey so we juts have an OPC set.

Dino up there is one of my favorites from the set. His rookie was the year before but this is a better card. Has there ever been a better hockey name than Dino Cicerelli? I got this card in a wax box I picked up back around 1992. It was fun to bust an older box and I got some nice cards. A few heavy hitters such as Ron Francis, Dale Hawerchuk and Grant Fuhr and Mn favorite Neal Broten have rookies in the set. It also has one of the more rare Gretzky cards.

Condition wise this set is rough (just like every OPC set from the ’80s). Look at the top edge and corner of Dino.
It looks like it was torn more than cut. This is straight from the pack. The cards also have centering issues. Dino is about 70-30 and that is pretty good for this set.



One response to “Rough around the edges…

  1. I also love the Dino in this set, but being from Minnesota, the Broten is king. I picked up a BGS 9.5 of the Broten a while back, by far one of my top 3 favorite cards in my collection.

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