Hey Topps, what gives…

Has anyone tried to use the Topps Diamond Giveaway site lately? It’s maddening!

I am not sure if there is some glitch in their system or traffic is taxing their bandwidth but I have been trying to propose a trade for two days with no luck.



4 responses to “Hey Topps, what gives…

  1. I just tried it today. Couldn’t make any trades, but I did manage to request shipping my diamond Anniversary set and 24 cards.

  2. Posted about this a few days ago. It’s extremely annoying and many people are posting about it on the Topps Facebook wall. I’m able to do the ring side of trading usually (got 40 rings) but not much luck on the card side. I managed to propose a few trades but I doubt anyone will see or respond with the troubles lately.

  3. I emailed them a week or two ago about why the heck they removed the “Check All” – Accept/Reject All Checked” function on the card trading pages. It’s still there on the ring pages.
    They told me to call the 800 number. Dingbats…

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