What’s your limit…

I was able to get a few trades completed in the Diamond Giveaway before it went nuts. I unlocked a die-cut and an RC of a sure fire HOFer earlier this summer. I then traded for a Danny Valencia die-cut and this beauty.

I know for sure I will get the four cards mentioned about sent out. Nothing else in my account is delivery worthy. I have some older cards but unless it’s name I care about or a star I don’t feel it’s worth the shipping cost.

What’s your cut off? How do you decide what to spend the cash on to have sent your way?



2 responses to “What’s your limit…

  1. I definitely plan to have the two Diamond Die Cut cards I traded for sent to me, and I want the 1958 Hank Sauer card I unlocked. I will probably have a 1965 Bo Belinsky card sent, but I’m going to pass on a couple other late 1960s cards and everything from the 1970s and later.

  2. I’m going to have all the Red Sox cards that I don’t have yet shipped. It is about 12 cards all pre 1980 with one 58 and 6 from the 60s.

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