Who remembers these, hockey edition…

I am on a hockey card kick, so be forewarned.

I was looking through the old hockey book and came across this guy.
Back in the day OPC inserted a set of the Central Red Army team from the USSR, actually it may have been Russia at that time, I am not up on my collapse of Communism timeline. Federov was huge at the time. He was the Kid Sid of his day. The cards took the collecting world by storm. It’s a simple design and weird that they didn’t put names on the front. Maybe it was a nod to the collective mentality of the Soviets. Individuals were less important than the team maybe?

The card is still pretty cool. Federov had a fine career but lost some of his cardboard stroke to fellow early ’90s rookie Jagr. He was a hell of a player though he was maybe most famous for his relationship with Anna Kournikova.



4 responses to “Who remembers these, hockey edition…

  1. Living in Michigan, these cards sold for rediculous money back in the day. I want to say upwards of $10, which was a ton of cash for a single card 20 years ago. The Russian cards were either on the top or bottom of the wax pack (still wax sealed back then!) and you could pretty easily see who was there.

    The only other Federov card that was better was the O-Pee-Chee Premier, which I want to say was a $30-40 card or higher. (Keep in mind, this is 20 years later. My memory ain’t what it used to be)

  2. Hi Anna, I remember Sergie screaming after the Red wings won the cup on national TV –

    I think that is from the 1991-92 set

  3. Oh, I remember those! They were one to a pack, so you ended up with a pretty big stack in a real hurry. There was an Arturs Irbe there that was pretty hot as well.

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