Group break results…

After reading about all of Beardy’s group breaks I decided it was time to have a go.

A few weeks ago the folks over at A Cardboard Problem announced a Finest case break. I knew Sooz from the site was a Kouzmanoff collector so I offered an ’07 UD throwback auto /5 for the Twins in the break. She accepted.

The break was about 3 weeks ago and here is what I got.

The highlight was this guy.
A Mauer xfractor. Pretty cool.

Mauer is the best of the Twins in the product but what I was really looking for was Ben Revere. An auto would have been cool, not no dice. I did score a nice Revere refractor, as well as a Maurer refractor.
Finest cards are always cool, and Finest refractor are even better.

The only other Twin in the set is 2nd baseman and Japanese import Tsuyoshi Nishioka. I didn’t get any extra shine, just his regular rookie card.
Actually I landed 3 of his cards.

I also scored 4 base of Mauer
and 4 of Revere

How do you think I did?

No autos so that was a bit of a bummer. I got 14 cards total. The buy in per team was $40. I am glad I did the trade, these cards would have been a little harder to swallow for $40 cash.

It was my first and probably last break. It just left me feeling a little unfulfilled. To each their own I guess.

I want to keep the ‘fractors and one Nishioka but the rest are up for trade.


One response to “Group break results…

  1. Breaks can be fun, but when I did them I tended to go with lower priced boxes/entry prices. Sure the hits aren’t quite as good as these potentially could be, but you get a lot of neat stuff on the cheap. My best break was one where I paid like $10 and got a sweet auto from a 1999 product.

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