“THE” set collector…

I have mentioned on here several times my father’s epic quest to complete every Topps set going back to ’52. As of right now he is almost done, one set stands in his way, ’52.

At my parents house in nice neat binders is every Topps “Flagship” set from 1953-2011. Every single card.
One room houses sets from ’65 trough ’11. Each binder has the complete set for the given year, including the traded set. It is pretty cool to flip through these sets, you find all kinds of good stuff.
Most cards are in these binders, but the top cards, like rookies of Nolan Ryan, Ernie banks, Hank Aaron, Pete Rose, etc… are in a safety deposit box with nice little color copies of the cards in the binders.

The oldest sets, 1964 on back are in the “library”.

He is in the process of putting 1954 in a binder, he ran out of 8 pocket pages. When I was last there he had just put ’53 in its binder. It was awesome to flip through.

He is on the hunt for ’52. He has about 150 cards from the set, including Andy Pafko. He just started shopping around for Mantle. I can’t wait until he gets one.

Once he finished the ’52 set I think I will scan it and post it piece by piece. He thinks it will take about a year to finish.


18 responses to ““THE” set collector…

  1. Wow…just wow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve got a guy here in Michigan who deals exclusively in Vintage. If you want, I can check with him to see what he has available for ’52’s.

  3. He’s like my hero. What’s he gonna do when he gets the ’52s done?

    I have my sets displayed in a very similar way. I never thought of making color copies for the safe-deposit box cards. I’ll have to get on that.

  4. Your dad is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, beautifully kept. I love the little card on the binder side to show which set is in which binder.

    • Yeah, it looks cool. He is from NYC so I thought for sure he would have used all Yankees for the side cards. I should ask him how he picked wich cards to use.

      The ’52 binder has Hank Bauer on the side, he was my dads favorite player as a kid so that one makes sense.

  6. Oh yeah?!?! Well, MY dad has…

    My dad can…


    (Your Dad wins.)

  7. Good for him, that was a goal that I had in 1982, based on a price guide at the time the total value of all the topps sets was about $25,000.00. I will never live to see me complete that but I am glad someone did at least.

  8. Kinda reminds me of 1991 when Topps gave away to one lucky collector every Topps card they produced up to that point. Amazing!

  9. It’s funny to think of 1989 Topps on the same shelf as a set of 1963 Topps. Amazing collection. So envious!

  10. Very, very impressive!

  11. Amazing ! I don’t know what else to say.

  12. Nothing beats seeing complete sets arranged in binders and seeing those binders displayed on a shelf.

  13. That’s beautiful…(tear slowly rolls down cheek).

  14. Wow! That is a amazing accomplishment. Hope he completes his goal.

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