Sports Queen…

I am a fan of women’s college hockey, mainly because my alma-mater (UMD) has one of the top programs in the country. They have 5 national titles in just 12 years. Their coach, Shannon Miller is one of the top college coaches in any sport. Hopefully destined for the Hockey HOF. A path paved by another women’s hockey great.

Cammi is the top women’s player in history. In ’08 she was the first woman elected to the US HOF and then two years later joined the likes of Howe, Gretzky and Orr in The Hockey HOF in Toronto.

She doesn’t have many cards so I am glad I have held onto this beauty for the last 16 years.



2 responses to “Sports Queen…

  1. My wife’s sister-in-law’s sister played for UMD from 2005-09. Winning the National Championship in 08. She had some fun stories to share. I wonder if woman’s hockey will ever go pro like the WNBA? Probably not enough support, but it would be fun to watch.

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