Ready or not, here Topps comes…

Topps dropped some preview images of ’12 Gypsy Queen. GQ was highly touted by Topps last year and boxes sell for over $150 ebay. I never busted any and don’t know many folks that did. Those that did seemed less than excited so I am surprised how well wax is doing on the secondary market.

We didn’t get any gems of gypsy autos but did see a few cool cards. Lets start with the base.
Not too bad, I like the border. They seem to be doing photo retouching again to make the cards look vintage. It seems a little overdone on Roy here. He looks scary.

I really like this guy.
I wish they had gone with the blue border for the base. It would have really helped make these cards stand out in a sea of retro themed sets.

The autos
Looks cool. Hank Aaron autos have been all over Topps products lately. The autos is a little sad, you can tell he is getting older just by looking at his autos over the last few years. Just compare it to this card from about 10 years ago.

This card really caught my eye.
Glove stories with a photo of a guy making a cool catch. That’s a concept I can get behind. I hope there are glove relic versions.

They look cool enough. What do folks think, anyone gonna pick up a box or two?



5 responses to “Ready or not, here Topps comes…

  1. I’ve buster more than my fair share of 2011 GQ (not to mention hosting a 2 box group break with 14 teams unclaimed!). I’m a huge fan and am working on the base mini and base bronze border parallels sets. I’ll be posting my own review of Topps’ announcement but I’ll go ahead and say a bit of what I intially feel about the newest release here… I’m a bit afraid they are doing to GQ what they did to A&G… they saw how popular it was (and thus how quickly the price escalated after release) and have tried their best to kill the golden goose, again… that’s all I’ll say for now, but I will say that I am a big fan of the overall design. Sweet looking set!

  2. I completely agree on the blue cards. A blue retro set would be awesome.

  3. egads the GQ logo is GI-HUGE-IC. It appears as if every player is Named Gypsy Queen.

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