Topps gets so close, yet again…

A couple of weeks ago I dropped a preview picture from Topps of the Jeter 3000 hit card in Topps update. I picked up a blaster and a few bonus boxes and didn’t get one so I picked one up on ebay for like a $1.50 delivered. It just arrived.
Beautiful. It’s a very attractive card of the captain. The blues of his uni, the card design and the dugout behind him look nice. I also like the little smirk on Jeter’s face.

From the front it’s a nice subtle tribute to his 3000 hit. Then I flipped it over, expecting maybe a write up on the hit, maybe a mention it was a homerun, but no. Instead I saw this.

It’s a checklist!

Really Topps?!

This set has a ton of cards of every all star, a card commemorating the winner of the homerun derby and this card, commemorating a truly huge accomplishment is a checklist? Even more so this is a Yankee, and we all know how much Topps loves the Yankees.

There was so much opportunity with this card and we get a checklist. Kind of a bummer.



4 responses to “Topps gets so close, yet again…

  1. I imagine there are other non-Yankee fans that wish Topps had made the front of the card a checklist, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I bought the same card too Kevin. I was shocked as well to find it was a checklist. Nonetheless, great front.

  3. I think most of the milestone cards are on checklists. One of the other checklists is Big Papi setting the mark for most HR all-time by a Red Sox.

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