Who wants to grade cards…

I found this on ebay.

It was an auction for a card grading company, everything you need to start grading cards.

I am not going to make any judgement about the service these folks offered because I am not familier with them. A search of ebay didn’t turn up any auctions for a PCG graded card. Anyone heard of them?

I did find it interesting that it is being sold by a seller that has an ebay store names Savvy Mattress Outlet. He is a top rated seller with 100% feedback though.

The mold for making the card holders is kinda interesting, but 500 K seems a little steep.


6 responses to “Who wants to grade cards…

  1. It’s good thing it’s free shipping, otherwise it’d be out of my price range.

  2. I find it interesting that someone trying to sell something for half a million bucks doesn’t double check their spelling and grammar. I saw a bunch of errors.

  3. Savvy Mattress Outlet? Kinda like Mattress Man from “Punch Drunk Love.” This card grading company is probably just a front for a phone sex operation, too.

  4. Did anyone else catch the line “I was never a collector of cards, just a business man.” towards the bottom? Makes me feel really comfortable knowing that a guy that never collected cards was able to grade cards. He still probably did a better job with his grading then Beckett does though.

    • I would think authenticating cards would be the real challenge. There will always be a subjective aspect to grading, but saying if a card is real or not is an absolute. You get that wrong and you are in big trouble.

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