Are you ready for some…you know…

Week one of the NFL season was a rough one for my family. My siblings and I were all born in the ‘burgh. My parents met while attending grad school in the Steel city, WE all sat there in our jerseys and watched in horror as the Steelers left a trail of rust all over the field (steel…rust. ..get it).

Tonight is round two.

I have faith that the men in black and gold will bring home a W.

In honor of the boys i offer up one of my very favorite cards.
Troy didn’t have a card in the regular set making this his lone Topps rookie. It’s funny to think that just 8 years ago first rounder wouldn’t have a card. Now everyone, and I mean everyone, gets a card.

Troy is a beast, one of the all time greats. He is a true game changer. When the D is on the field you rarely see a play where Troy is involved. At some point his wavy locks come flying into the frame. He is easily my favorite on the team. When the family rocks the jerseys most rock 86. My nephew and I always sport the 43.

I think it’s a pretty cool looking card. The weird aqua green/blue looks much better in chrome than on the base set. Just about every one of his rookies has him in his practice gear so no nock against this one. He looks like he is about to light someone up, it’s a sweet picture of the man.

So, lets go Steelers, daddy needs a win!


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