Nice auto Reggie…

I was rolling around the interwebs and came across this scan.
Pretty cool patches, but what really jumped out at me was the auto. Reggie has a really nice signature, one of the best ones I can remember seeing.

He also had some badass glasses, not just anyone can pull of the light tint.



4 responses to “Nice auto Reggie…

  1. Things that stand out on this card:
    3. Very nice patches
    2. Excellent signature
    1. Holy crap, Topps paired patches from a team with a player pictured on that same team! I guess there’s a first time for everything

  2. Nice to get a full “Reggie Jackson” on this, too. There was a time when he’d only sign his autobiography that way and limit cards to “R Jackson.”

  3. That’s an amazing card. The glasses too…

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