Good lord…

What’s going on in Cincy?

They get rid of Ochocinco, and then draft a rookie QB as they send Palmer packing. It looked like they were in line for another craptastic season. Enter this guy.
and this guy

These two are lighting it up! It’s a potential Manning/Marvin Lewis, Culpepper/Moss or Montano/Rice level connection. Granted it’s a little early to declare them a great tandem, but there is real potential.

I hope Andy keeps it going and takes the Bengals on a nice playoff run (as a wild card team of course). If for no other reason than my sweet giant auto card up there. I won it from Panini this past winter and it keeps getting sweeter.



One response to “Good lord…

  1. Actually, Chad85 doesn’t appear to have much to offer his team, and Palmer was vastly overrated anyway, so it looks like the Bungles hit the nail on the head drafting Dalton and putting him in position to succeed. But if you really want to know the reason Cincy has done well this year, look no further than their excellent top-5 defense, which just happens to include stud Michigan CB Leon Hall.

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