Royale with…

I posted a teaser preview of my Crown Royale football box and here is the rest.

I am a fan of Crown Royale, I love it’s over the top gold embossed and die-cut glory.

The base cards are pretty similar to last years.
My only gripe is the weird honeycomb looking pattern in the background. It’s not bad, just kinda strange looking. As in the past they use the team colors in the design, in this case the background behind the crown.

This is the kind of design you love or hate. Put me in the love category. I appreciate a good over the top gaudy design every once and a while.

The rookies use the same design with a little rookie tab along the bottom.
As with Absolute there are a lot more rookie cards in these packs than I remember in the past. The base non-auto guys are defensive players and linemen, as well as some lower pick skill position guys. I like these types of rookies. This is where you find the next Miles Austin or Ryan Grant.

There are color parallels, I got one rookie.
Blue numbered to 100. In person it is a really rich royal blue. I am a fan.

There are rookie auto versions as well. I pulled a redemption of one of these. From what I have seen they are on card, so that’s a big plus.

My other auto was the biggest hit of the box, hell one of my biggest hits ever.
He has his own post, linked at the top, but for those that didn’t check it out this is a 1/1. Pretty damn sweet.

There are a ton of inserts.
Here they are in rapid fire.
A nice looking card with a cool theme.
Another nice looking card. I am glad to see some old guys you don’t see all that often. We need more Bernie cards. I like when they use the same theme for rookies and retired dudes.
I like the use of the captain “C” and stars in the logo. Jennings look like he is about to toss a pass there.
This one isn’t my favorite, but it is a Viking, so that’s cool.
A nice card of Mr. Kathy Lee. I like the position abbreviation used here. Remember when they had halfbacks?
These are g. I love the crazy die-cut design. The downward taper makes them slide right in a top-loader or page. I got the plain old version and a relic.
Another great die-cutting job. The shield design is a no-brainer in the regal themed set.
My last hit is a nice prime relic (all white but still cool) of big mister Suh. A nice looking card, i dig the design, it incorporates the relic piece very well.

The last card is my favorite of the box.
A true throwback to the original Crown Royale sets. It’s just a badass looking card.

Crown Royale is a set that you know what you are going to get. A couple of autos, some nice relics, a mess of cool inserts and one of the most ornate base design out there.



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