Stupid cards, I have no excuse…

We all have periods in our life we wish we could erase. Around 2004 I bought my first graded card on ebay and it was all downhill. The first wasn’t all that bad. It was Jeter Topps RC BGS 8.5. I only paid a few bucks, no big deal. Then I bought this.
At the time it wasn’t so bad. Daunte was in the midst of his monster ’04 season, the card seemed like a good buy. Then ’05 hit, and so did the remorse. I keep it as a reminder for future generations. This card also marked the first in a series of cursed purchases.

Around the same time I picked up this guy.
Looking at his numbers in ’04 he seemed a lock to reach 500 HRs, sending a PSA 10 of his Topps RC through the roof. About a month after I got this his shoulder started acting up. Cursed.

I mentioned in a post last spring about my PSA 9 Rafael Palmeiro rookie. I am pretty sure his steroid mess broke while it was in transit after I bought it on ebay.

I have a few other doozys.

I don’t even know what to say about this one.
It’s just inexcusable.

This card is better as far as the player involved.
But a PSA 10 Score rookie, why did I ever think that was a good investment. The mid ’00s were a strange time.

I also have this.
A cool enough card, but still why did I need a graded copy. Honestly though, I think someone gave this to me.

I have thought about busting them out, but they are much funnier graded so I keep them sealed away.

If you ever want to break your graded cards out of their plastic jail here is a little how to.

I want to end on a high note, so here is a card I have shown before, but as the pinnacle of graded collection it needs to be seen again.



7 responses to “Stupid cards, I have no excuse…

  1. I’m sure there’s somebody out there that thinks a PSA 10 of former Hokie Kevin Jones is pretty freaking awesome…

  2. That’s what we need…a Stupid Graded Card Hall Of Fame!

  3. Now that Couch is funny. I really like that Bagwell though.

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