1952 Topps Yogi…

I feature another card from the quest for the 1952 set.

He may not have been the biggest name on the 1950s era Yankees but he was easily the most colorful.
I love this card, it has so much going for it. One of my favorites from the set. I don’t care if you are a Yankee hater or whatever, the ’52 design looks it’s best with a player in pinstripes.

Yogi is an interesting character. He was a riot, spouting his classic yogiisms and a true beast on the field.

Have you ever looked at his numbers and accomplishments. He was a 3-time AL MVP, including back to back awards. He was an 18-time all star and a a bind boggling 13-time WS champion, 10 of those as a player.



2 responses to “1952 Topps Yogi…

  1. And a heck of a businessman despite his dopey persona.

  2. Love this card. One day I hope to own one.

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