A Rose by any other name…

Pete Rose was a monster on the field; his 4256 hits will most likely stand for many many years to come. His intensity was unrivaled. He didn’t play the game, he was the game. Actions off the field have led him to be banned from the game he loved. He has only been seen on cardboard a handful of times since 1989.

Building on their recent success with Metal and Valiant Leaf has created a set based on the man and his career. The Pete Rose Legacy set is a single player themed set, offering 6 card per box/pack, featuring 5 base cards (from a 60 card set) and one Pete Rose auto.

Leaf was kind enough to provide me with some scans of a few cards to share with ya’ll.

The base set is primarily comprised of black and white photos. Leaf appears to have done a good job of avoiding logos. You don’t really notice the lack of logos. The design is classy and simple.

The cards cover both Rose the player and the personality.

I love this card; it captures the Rose hairdo perfectly. No card in the auto set is numbered higher than 30.

The real draw of this set will surely be the inscriptions.
He may not be in the MLB HOF, but Mr. Rose is a member of the WWF HOF. How great is this card?

This is almost Yogi level stuff. Pretty cool to see the man’s quotes written with his own hand.

This card is sure to be a headline maker. During a Beckett box break Leaf owner Brian Gray mentioned he was surprised by some of the inscriptions Rose gave them. I think this may be what he was talking about.

This card is badass. The gaze combined with the “Hit King 4256” inscription is just too awesome.

Boxes are running for about $75 on ebay. A steal considering you are guaranteed a Rose Auto, some nice base cards and a shot at one of the sick inscriptions or a low number relic auto.

I wouldn’t mind a few more player specific releases. I put a bug in Brian Gray’s ear about a Kent Hrbek set. Who would you want to see?


2 responses to “A Rose by any other name…

  1. Would definitely by Roberto Clemente and to a lesser extent Willie Stargell. Long suffering Bucco fan here.

  2. Wow, that actually looks like a really cool set. I’ll have to think about buying a box now. I have a weird love/hate thing with Mr. Rose. It stems from, you know, the 15 years of straight lying, combined with the fact that he was still my first “baseball hero” as a kid.

    Clemente is a great idea, here’s a couple more:
    -Rickey Henderson would be my top. Rickey-isms? There can’t be anything better than that!
    -Some would hate it, but Barry Bonds could be kind of cool.
    -Why stop at the hit king. Do one of the Big Red Machine – all 8 players and you could even throw in a few Sparky cut autos!

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