My lone MLB award prediction…

The Twins horrid season has removed any interest in just about anything baseball related. Typically around this time of year I anxiously await the announcement of the various MLB awards. This year I just don’t care.

Well I do care a little about one award, and not one I have ever payed much attention to in the past. For no good reason I really hope this guy,
takes the NL Cy Young.

I like Ian’s story. He was set aside by the Yanks in favor of Joba, Phil Hughes and a bunch of hired guns. He quietly headed west and put together a monster season, with a league leading 21 wins (tied with Kershaw).

Cardboard wise I am really glad he is coming around, I have a mess of his rookies form his days with the Yankees.

One thing about his success does pain me a bit. When the Twins traded Johan there were rumors of a trade with the Yanks involving Ian. Man, if only.



2 responses to “My lone MLB award prediction…

  1. Kershaw has the NL Cy Young Award in his back pocket.

  2. I knew a Dodgers fan would bring that up, but I figured it woud be Greg.

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